Memory Mosaic is celebrating Valentines!!

13 Feb 2018
Submitted by joy
Valentine Sale

Come on over and celebrate with us!!

To celebrate Valentines this year, I have a few special things going on.

First, the ENTIRE shop will be 20% off Tomorrow, February 14, ONLY.  Click on the image below to go and shop the sale!

store ad

Next, I have two great Valentine Combo Sets ON SALE at 25% off through Sunday, February 18... Just Click on the images below to go and see the WHOLE collection.  (note: ONLY the combo packs are on sale at 25% off)

sale previewsale preview

Then, just to celebrate VALENTINES, I have brought back my Build a Kit-Valentines.  It will ONLY be available through the end of the month and then it goes back into retirement.  Click on the image below to find this awesome collection and start putting together your own Valentine themed Kit!!

store ad

AND if you have made it this far without moving on you definitely deserve a gift!!  I have TWO for you!!  Click on the images below to grab them from our store.  These links will ONLY be live through the end of this month!



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